House Cleansing

Spring is the perfect time to do that energetic house cleansing you’ve wanted to do all year. Clear out all the stagnant unwanted energy that has built up all winter, and bring in fresh, new positive vibes. Many people already do a mundane/physical spring cleaning. You can do an energetic/spiritual cleansing at the same time…

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High John the Conqueror Oil

High John is one of (if not THE) most powerful oils. It is a masculine oil, influenced by Mars and the element of Fire. High John is good for just about anything you can think of: Confidence Money Drawing Luck Power Success Sex/passion/love Gambling Strength Legal matters High John does it all!! The main ingredients…

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Cleo May Oil

Since our store carries a selection of HooDoo supplies, i have decided to do Blog posts on those supplies so people will know what they are for and how to use them.   I have decided to start with Cleo May Oil. Cleo May (Mae) Oil was traditionally used by “women of the night” to attract…

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