Are There Different Types of Witchcraft?

witchcraftLately i have been in many conversations regarding “types of Witchcraft”. People new to the craft seem to be very concerned about where they fit in, so all of these terms for types of Witchcraft have started to be thrown around; fairy, sea, cottage, hedge, kitchen, green, black, grey, white… the list goes on ad nauseum. Are there really that many forms of Witchcraft? Many people in today’s modern New Age movement seem to say there are… so, let’s take a look at this new theory of different types of Witchcraft.

First of all let’s make the delineation between Paganism and Witchcraft. They are NOT the same thing. Paganism is an umbrella term for a group of polytheistic religions based on revering the Earth as Divine. ( in a nut shell). Witchcraft is not a religion. It is a magical practice, that anyone of ANY religion is able to take part in. Witchcraft is simply, the practice of magic. No more, no less.

There are (to my knowledge) two main forms of magic. High/Ceremonial magic and Low/Folk magic.

High magic entails specific detailed and in depth rituals using specific tools etc. Low magic is the magic of the people. It’s the magic of the regular person, using herbs, crystals, oils, etc. Neither is good or bad, black, white or grey. They are the same thing, just done in different ways.

Witchcraft is, in fact, a form of Low magic. Witches use the energies of nature around them to do their magic. The terms black or white, define the “intent” of the witch. Magic itself is neither black or white, good or bad. It is simply a tool to effect our world. How we use it is up to us as individuals. If we use it to harm or heal is on us, and has nothing to do with what “type” of magic we are doing.

Let’s use the example of a hammer for a moment. A hammer, like magic, is merely a tool. It’s meant to hit nails into things, and pull nails out of things. That’s it. It isn’t good or bad. It has no preconceived notion to do either. However, it can be used to do things like a build a home, or it can be used to hurt someone. That isn’t the hammer’s choice, that’s OUR choice.

Now i want to take a moment and address the concept of GREY witchcraft. In my opinion, all witchcraft is grey. Before you go off on me, hear me out. As a practitioner of witchcraft, the majority of us don’t wish harm on any one. We use witchcraft, usually, to benefit ourselves. Like any action we do in our lives, witchcraft creates a ripple of effect.

In our mundane lives if we get hired for a job, there are multiple other people, who did not get that job… So we gain and they don’t. Does that make us bad for taking a job away from some one else just as deserving? If we win a lottery… we gain. But someone else does not. Does that make us bad? A doctor, uses the death of one person, to save the life of another via organ transplant.. Is he being good or bad? Everything in life is shades of grey. Nothing is black and white. Magic and witchcraft are the same way.

Whether we are doing a spell for prosperity, healing, love; doesn’t matter. Every action has a ripple of effect. Everything we do will effect another in some way at some point. It may be a positive effect, it may be negative. You may think it’s positive, while the person effected may not. In reality we have no way of knowing all of the resulting ripples of effect from any action (or inaction) we take.

So to those worrying about where they fit in, i suggest that you just do your thing. If you choose to practice witchcraft, there is no need to label what “type”. This is merely a modern notion to compartmentalize people, label and put things in neat little boxes. Get out of the box, put it in the recycling, and do YOU.

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