The Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho is a much sought after plant for it’s properties of resurrection. It can seemingly die, lay dormant for up to fifty years, and miraculously come back to life with nothing more than a bit of water. This plant is also known as the Dinosaur Plant, Resurrection Plant and Flower of Saint Mary. There are two types of Rose of Jericho or “Resurrection Plant”.

One, the “True” Rose of Jericho, is the Anastatica or White Mustard Flower. This plant is native to western Asia. It has small white flowers and, while growing low to the ground, can grow up to one foot in diameter. This Rose of Jericho is in the mustard family and needs to be rooted in soil to grow.

The second is “False” Rose of Jericho” or Selaginella, The Resurrection Fern. It is native to the Chihuahuan Desert of the United States and Mexico. This Rose of Jericho is in the Spike Moss family and does not need to be rooted in soil to grow, needing merely a little water.

Because of it’s ability to grow dormant and re-grow, this plant is sacred in many religions, Christianity, Voodoo and Santeria to name a few. The plant is brought out at Christmas to represent the birth of Christ, or at Easter for the resurrection. It is often handed down in families from generation to generation.

The Rose of Jericho is also believed to bring prosperity to home or business. Simply place your little plant in a small bowl with enough water for the roots. When it opens (which generally happens within a few hours) place a coin and/or citrine either in the water or on the plant itself. When replacing the water each week, use the old water to wash the floor and doors and your place of business or home. When your prosperity reaches the level you need, place the coin and/or citrine in the plant (if not already there) and allow it to dry up again, thus holding the coin and stone. I this way you are holding onto your prosperity. Feel free to rewater your Rose of Jericho, whenever your finances require a little boost.

However, this is not the only use for this hardy and versatile magical plant. Replace the coin and citrine with rose quartz and draw happiness into your home. Here is a list of the many other uses of the Rose of Jericho:

Asscoiated with the spirit of thunder and lightening and often used as an offering
A safe birth
Symbolic of the opening of the womb of Mary/Birth of Jesus
Symbolic Death and resurrection of Jesus
Remove the evil eye
Wash a grave with the water to receive messages from those past

However you decided to use your plant, even if it’s just as a decoration in your home, it’s sure to bring many blessings.

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  2. I just had one, it opened wonderfully, and then started to mould in the middle. Ended up throwing it out. 🙁

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