HooDoo 101

HooDoo evolved in the Southern United States from the combined practices and beliefs of Europeans, African Slaves and Native Americans of that area. HooDoo should not be confused with VooDoo as even though there are often overlaps, they are not the same thing. VooDoo is a very complex religion, while HooDoo also known as Root or Conjure work, is a magical practice. While there are many religious aspects in HooDoo, it is not a religion.

Magic was an important part of the beliefs and practices of the African slaves brought to America. While they brought many of their practices with them, they relied on the knowledge of the Native American’s for the healing and magical properties of the local plants. Later they absorbed some of the folk magic of the Europeans, specifically candle magic. Eventually Christianity joined in the mix in the form of prayers and psalms. All of these influences blended together to form what we know today as HooDoo.

Today’s HooDoo has many regional flavors, such as in New Orleans there is a heavy Catholic influence. Because practice was based on what you had available it is still adapting and evolving.

In HooDoo concepts such as karma and the rule of three, are not considered. It is whether your actions are justified or not. It is about cleansing, self-defence, revenge, healing, or a specific goal. Like any magical practice it can also be used for manipulation and cursing, but that type of magic is on the worker and not recommended.

HooDoo is usually worked in one of the following ways:

Candle Magic

Bottle/Container Spells

Mojo Bags





(I will get into these in more detail in other blog posts.)

HooDoo is also not the same as the modern Witchcraft, Pagan or Wiccan movement. Where the latter works with the God and Goddess and aims to reconstruct practices of our pre-Christian ancestors, HooDoo’s focus is generally on one God but also works with the Holy Trinity, Angels, Plant/Animal Spirits and the Recently Departed.

Source: Granny Sue

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