High John the Conqueror Oil

High John is one of (if not THE) most powerful oils. It is a masculine oil, influenced by Mars and the element of Fire.

High John is good for just about anything you can think of:
Money Drawing
Legal matters

High John does it all!!

The main ingredients are High John Root, cedar, pine and sandalwood.

There are many ways to use High John the Conqueror Oil. You can dab on your body for strength or good luck, on talismans/amulets and other objects, in the bath, on money in your wallet or cash register for business owners. It can also be used on important documents and contracts, as a dressing oil for candles and can also be mixed with other oils to give them a boost as well. One use is to draw 3 crosses on your door to attract good luck and prosperity.

John the conqueror was an African-American folk hero. Believed to be an African Prince who was sold as a salve to America, he survived in folklore as a trickster type figure, who was well known for evading his Masters.

Br’er Rabbit Of the Uncle Remus stories is said to be designed after John the Conqueror.

In one story John falls in love with the daughter of the Devil.. The Devil insists that John clear, sow and reap sixty acres of land in one day. John completes the task with the help of a magic axe and plow. The Devils still plans to John, but John escapes with the Devil’s daughter by shape shifting.

NOTE: High John the Conqueror Oil (and root) Is poisonous when ingested. For external use only.

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