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VanVan Oil seems to be the most well known of HooDoo Oils. Most likely because of it being used a multi purpose oil. VanVan is good for everything from good luck, protection and removing evil influence, to opening up opportunities, communication and love. It can be used to dress candles, feed mojo bags, empowering objects and in bath/wash water, as well as many other applications.

VanVan oil is named after Vervain which is also known as Lemon Verbena. Many people think that it is named after vanilla and contains vanilla, but this is a miscoception. One of the main ingredients is lemongrass.

It can be traced back to the Algiers area of New Orleans possibly as early as the late 1700’s. It’s use spread and it became the most popular conjure oil to be had. It was often said that it could be smelled in the air all over Algiers.

It’s popularity may come from the fact that it works well as a single use oil for just about everything, however you need to keep your focus strong with this one. Since it works for many things, you really need to have a strong focus on your intent.

When buying VanVan oil make sure it is from a reputable source and is high quality, It should contain bits of the actual herbs and stones/curios. Not just a bottle of liquid oils.

Because of the main ingredient – Lemongrass – it is linked to Mercury. This makes it a great oil to deal with mercury retrograde.

Other main ingredients may include:
Citronella – Protection, Clear negative energies,
Palmarosa and Gingergrass – draws money and wealth, good luck and attraction
Vetiver – Safety, increase finances, prosperity,

All of the above have strong sexual currents, which also makes VanVan a good love oil

It can also be made into a powder, bath salts, and perfume.

VanVan Oil can be used in many ways including worn as a personal scent to give your day to day dealings a bit of a boost.

Here is a small example of ways to use your VanVan Oil:
Esbat oil
Feed Mojo Bags
Annoint Candles
Before signing a contract
Rub on hands before gambling
Wash Water
Sprinkle VanVan powder across the front door of your business

Below are a couple VanVan Oil recipes i have found:

VanVan Oil recipe found on
16 parts lemongrass oil
8 parts citronella oil
1 part vetivert oil ( the dried botanical is also called “khus-khus” grass in some places— not to be confused with the food cous-cous)
1 part palmarosa oil
1 part gingergrass oil if you can get it
And finish off with almond oil as the carrier. (please read below)

Mix together and let sit for at least week. This is your stock oil. Do not apply it directly to the skin in this condition, because as uncut essential oils it can be a skin irritant to people.

Therefore in each 1/2 oz. bottle of VAN VAN OIL to be made up, put in —
a pinch of dried lemongrass leaves
a pinch of crushed pyrite crystals
one full standard dropper-full of the above stock blend
Then Fill the ½ oz. bottle with almond oil as a carrier to reduce the possibility of it being an irritant.

After the oil is made it needs to sit for a week, during that time it should be placed within a triangle of 3 lit glass enclosed yellow candles also dressed with van van oil and prayed over every day for a week so that their positive energy is imbued into the oil. Do not leave the burning candles unattended,

The usual recipe (for a 100 ml. bottle) is:

a small piece of pyrite (fool’s gold)
a handful of lemongrass or 20 drops lemongrass oil
15 drops citronella oil
15 drops palmarosa oil
15 drops vetiver oil
sweet almond oil to fill the bottle

Let this brew for 3 months wrapped in a red or red and black cloth.

Van Van Oil can be purchased online at Nimue’s Closet.

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