Basic Candle Magic for the Beginner

Candle magic has been practiced for centuries. Fire brings transformation and change, so it is a great form of magic for these areas. It is a form of sympathetic magic and can be as elaborate or simple as you like. All you need is your intent and a candle. White will work in any situation. Or, you can add other correspondences such as oils, powders, crsytals, and herbs.

Remember when doing any type of spell work, always keep your intentions clear and positive from the beginning of planning stage. It’s important to keep all speaking and thoughts in the “present positive”. Speak and think as if your goal is already tue and don’t use negative grammar such as no or don’t.

There are many different methods of candle magic, this is only one. Please feel free to use your intution when working this type or spell work.

Before you begin, make sure to put a lot of thought into your goal. What is the true purpose of your spell? Are you asking for money in general, or do you need a specific bill payed on time? Always be specific and realistic. Also keep in mind the Wiccan Rede and Karma. Do not do any spells that affect pthers without their permission. you may also want to consider if your goal is better acheived in mundane ways than magical ones. Even if you are doing a spell, you still need to follow the mundane steps of acheiving a desired outcome. You will never land the perfect job, without knocking on a few doors. Magic just helps give your goal a well directed push.

When first starting practicing with candle work, it’s best to keep it simple, with as few parts as possible. It;s important to make sure that all items you use align with your goal. This will take some research. Which essential oils and herbs correspond best with what you are trying to acheive? Would it be best to do the spell on a Friday or a Tuesday? What color candle should you use? What size? All these things need to be cosidered. I have included correspondences for colors and days of the week below.

Most importantly is that the items used have meaning to you and represent your goal in your eyes. Don’t bother using Patchouli in a spell if you hate the smell for example.

Once you have all your items together, amke sure to cleanse the candle before you begin. This can be done simply by running it under water, or rubbing it with salt, and asking the Lord and Lady to remove any unwanted energies and to bless it towards it’s purpose.

Next you will want to dress the candle. This is the process of preparing the candle for the spell. It can include annointing with oils, applying herbs or powders and/or inscribing with sigils/symbols (make sure to always dilute essential oils with a carrier, I find grape seed or aolive oil work well).

When annointing with oils, rub from top to bottom in one direction, to draw things to you; rub from bottom to top to send things away. Once annointed you can roll the candle in any herbs, powders or crushed stones you plan to use.

While dressing the candle, vizualize your goal clearly, and put energy into the candle. Feel free to chant or move your body to raise energy. Do this until you feel that the level of energy you require has been reached.

Dressing the candle can be done in advance of being used, or as part of the spell itself.

You will then want to write a simple chant for you spell. You can also used one you have found by someone else, but I have found that writing one yourslef works better. This done not need to be anything elaborate, short and to the point is best.

Once you are ready to do your spell, begin by holding candle in hand and focusing on your goal. Observe any other thoughts and gently let them go. Focus on your goal as if it is already true. Visualize it being real in this very moment, how would that look and feel? Experience it with your senses as much as you can. Then begin to repeat your chant to raise energy – when you have reached an apex of energy you are satisfied with, light the candle. Visualize the flame and heat of the candle going out into the universe to make your goal reality.

Once lit allow the candle burn out on it’s own. Please do not ever leave a burning candle unattended.

Once burnt down, bury what is left of the candle (if anything) in a safe place that will not be disturbed. If the candle goes out before it is burnt completely, do not relight it, simply bury what is left.

Candle Color Guide
Red – Courage, energy, passion, love, sex, lust, strength, career goals

Orange – Ambition, legal issues, intellect, success, attraction, encouragement

Yellow – Clarity, happiness, travel, persuasion, protection, memory

Green – growth, wealth, fertility, health, prosperity

Blue – dreams, healing, spirituality, peace, intuition, communication

Purple – Higher Self, Communication with Deity, Psychic abilities, ambition, power, influence people in high places,

Pink – Beauty, romantic love, compassion, friendship

White – Multi-purpose, Cleansing, truth, Goddess, purity

Black – Banishing, hidden wisdom, protection,

Grey – Invisitbility – Nuetralizing spells, wisdom

Brown – Family, abundance, friends, grounding, stability, animals


Days of the Week

Sunday – Agriculture, beauty, creativity, Male health, power, spiritual connection, success, wealth, God

Monday – Divination, Dreams, emotional healing, female fetility and health, Goddess, Home and family, intuition, wisdom

Tuesday – Removing negative influence, courage, ego, dominance, lust, protection, revenge, sex, conflict

Wednesday – Answers, business, communication, divination, luck, mental health, psychic work, travel

Thursday – Career, generosity, growth, healing, harvest, Legal issues, luck, money, wealth

Friday – beauty, fertility, lust, passion, relationships, romance, transformation

Saturday – Banishment, binding, endings, freedom, that which is hidden, protection, overcoming struggles, truth, communication

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