Cleo May Oil

Since our store carries a selection of HooDoo supplies, i have decided to do Blog posts on those supplies so people will know what they are for and how to use them.   I have decided to start with Cleo May Oil.

Cleo May (Mae) Oil was traditionally used by “women of the night” to attract a man of wealth, to gain better paying customers, and as protection.

It can also be used to rekindle a dying love or seduce a lover (or two) to bed as this oil induces lust and attraction.

Normally Cleo May Oil would be applied to the wrists, neck, or just behind the ears. It can also be applied to light bulbs and candles, usually white, red or pink, often burned on a Friday which is the day dedicated to the Goddess Venus. (Goddess of love and beauty)

This oil can also be used by waitresses and business women to encourage better tips and higher sales.

However this oil will not draw real love, solve your money problems or bring luck in gambling as some claim.

Cleo May Oil can also be purchased on our online Shop.

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