Tomorrow is Samhain.

The time of year when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest.

It’s at this time that i honor my beloved dead, my Mother, my Brother, my Grandparents, my good friend Melanie…..

I miss them dearly.

I have a locket with my brothers ashes that i always wear on Samhain.  It makes me feel just that little bit closer to him.

This time of year is always bittersweet for me.  I look back into the past and miss a lot.  I think about how much my mother would have loved my kids and grandkids.  How much she has missed by passing so young.   And yet i am grateful for the time we did have. Sometimes wishing those times could have been better.  If only i had understood more at the time.

And then i look to my children, and my grandchildren, and how happy they make me.  Seeing them get ready to go out trick or treating.  How excited they get.  It makes me grateful.  It makes me think how happy those times must have made  my mother as well.

This is not just a time to honor our ancestors, but also a time of letting go, and of being thankful.

This year i am thankful for so many things. But mostly for all of the support i have had over the last year.  My friends and family.  What would i have done without you?

This year i am letting go of a big thing..  who i used to be.  And embracing the person i am becoming.  The last year, i have changed so much.  In good ways.  I embrace the new me with much happiness and gratitude.

I look forward into the new year, and know that it holds many things for me.  I walk into as the Fool,  not knowing what to expect, but excited for it none the less.

I wish all of you a very Blessed Samhain,   may the lessons of your ancestors be a blessing in your life as you move forward into your unknown.

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