Chakra 101 – The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is Mūlādhāra in sanskrit, meaning “root support/foundation”. It is the first of our energy centers starting at the base of our spine. When in the womb it forms the basis and starting point for our physical development. The spinal column develops from the base or root chakra, up to the top (crown…

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History 5 – Margaret Murray

Margaret Murray was a prominent British Folklorist, Egyptologist and Anthropologist, born in India in 1863. During her lifetime she published approximately 100 books and articles. Margaret Murray began studies at University College London in 1894 as a student of linguistics and anthropology under William Flinders Petrie. In 1899 she was appointed Junior College Lecturer, and…

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Perfume Making Worshop

November 22, 4 pm Create your own unique and signature scents out of natural ingredients using essential oils and jojoba oil as your base. Learn how to mix essential oils together safely and effectively for multiple uses. Go home with your blend, and the recipe to recreate it. As an added bonus, if you chose…

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