Palo Santo – Endangered

Palo Santo Trees are found only in South America and nowhere else on the planet. The wood is known for it’s sweet scent and smoke that is believed to be medicinal and therapeutic.

Palo Santo is Spanish for “Holy Wood”. It has been used by Shamans for centuries in prayer and healing ceremonies. It’s smoke is calming and relaxing, and clears away negative energy. It can also be used to purify and re-energize crystals.

However, due to over-harvesting, Palo Santo is currently endangered and under government protection.

It is illegal to cut down live trees, and only the naturally dead and fallen branches and trees can be harvested. Unfortunately with the increased popularity of Palo Santo, the government has been unable to enforce these rules and over-harvesting has been rampant, causing the tree to now be endangered.

In order to save this tree, please consider using alternatives to Palo Santo, such as sage (locally grown, as white sage is also in danger) cedar, sweetgrass, mugwort, lavender, or wormwood.

Due to Palo Santo being endangered, Nimue’s Closet will no longer be selling it, and will only be selling locally grown alternative herb bundles.

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