Spring Equinox: 1 degree Aries – March 20-23

Ostara is the first day of Spring.

It marks the halfway point between Yule and Litha, when the hours of light and dark are equal. It is sacred to the Goddess Oestre who is the Goddess of spring, dawn, rebirth and fertility. Her symbols are the rabbit (fertility) and the egg (creation).

Ostara is the time of new beginnings and gaining energy. It is also the time of conception between the young God reborn at Yule and the maiden Goddess, transformed from the Crone at Imbolc. This is also a good time for house cleansing, spring cleaning, starting new projects and any spell work for the same, as well as for communication, group interaction, fertility and gain of any type.


Decorating and hiding eggs


Planting seeds

Spring cleaning

House cleansing

Traditional Foods: ham, eggs, green shoots, root vegetables, fish, cheese, honey

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