House Cleansing

Spring is the perfect time to do that energetic house cleansing you’ve wanted to do all year. Clear out all the stagnant unwanted energy that has built up all winter, and bring in fresh, new positive vibes.

Many people already do a mundane/physical spring cleaning. You can do an energetic/spiritual cleansing at the same time by just adding a few simple things, or you can do a full house cleansing ritual. In today’s blog I will cover both.

With our Spring Cleansing Kit, it’s easy to add a spiritual cleanse to any spring cleaning regimen.

While you are cleaning, light the House Cleansing candle, to add an energetic boost.

Scented Sea Salt and Essential Oil Blend:
The sea salt contains an essential oil blend of Hyssop, Lemon Grass and Sweet Basil. Both the salt and/or the oil can be added to your wash water, used in the bath, or sprinkled around the permiter of your house, especially at doors and windows. The oil can also be used in a diffuser, or place drops on your vaccum filter.

Hyssop is great as an astringent and antiseptic, it is also effective against colds and flu. Magically Hyssop is used for purification and is infused in floor washes or ritual baths. It is also used against the Evil Eye. (Caution: do not use Hyssop if you have a seizure disorder)

Lemon Grass is known to clear blockages standing in your way and to change bad luck to good. It is also used to clear away evil and is a common ingredient in VanVan Oil.

Sweet Basil is used to ward off harmful magic and energy, it is also known to bring happiness, love , peace and money.

White Sage:
White Sage is generally used with a feather (the white feather included in your kit) to purify a body or area by smudging. Smudging is simply burning the plant and wafting the smoke around the person or area to be purified.

Palo Santo:
Burning Palo Santo is similar to burning Sage. It clears harmful energies and removes evil spirits and misfortune. Palo Santo is native to the coast of South America, it’s name means “Holy Wood”. It is also believed to bring good fortune.

The Crystals in your kit can also be placed in wash water, or just put in a central place in your home.
Rose Quartz has a calming energy that attracts love, peace and happiness. Breciated Jasper helps smooth dysfunctional energies and eliminates negativity. It also promotes rebirth and new ideas.

As you can see, it’s quite simple to add an energetic cleaning to your regular cleaning schedule.

However, for those of you who wish to perform an entire cleansing ritual, i have included a basic one below that can also be done using the items from the House Cleansing Kit.

Cast a circle in the main space of your home, kitchen or living room, which ever has more space. Place Crystals on the altar.

Sweep your house using a besom (ritual broom) in a clockwise motion. Sweeping all unwanted energy from the house and out the door, away from the house.

Smudge house with White Sage, also moving clockwise around the area.

Then take each of the 4 elements around the house in turn, (Remembering to move clockwise), saying the following:

Water – Sprinkle Water infused with the essential oil blend: “ I cleanse this sacred space with water”
Earth – Sprinkle Essential Oil infused sea salt: “ I purify this sacred space with salt”
Air – Smudge with Palo Santo: “ I consecrate this sacred space with incense”
Fire – House Cleansing Candle: “I charge this sacred space with fire”

Have Cakes and Ale, thank the Elements and the Lord and Lady.
Open the Circle

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