What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is a weight at the bottom of a string or chain. They can be made from many things such as stone, crystals, wood, glass, metal etc. I have seen people use a sewing needle on a thread, or a ring on a piece of hair. As long as you have something with some weight to it, hanging from something that allows the weight to move freely, it should work.

How to choose a Pendulum

Not every pendulum will work well for every person. You don’t choose your pendulum so much as it chooses you. My suggestion for choosing a pendulum is to pick it up, feel it, look at it. Does it look appealing to you? How does it feel in your hand? Will it work for you? Every pendulum works differently with each person. So it’s important to see how a pendulum will work with you before buying it. Try out the pendulum. Ask it to show you a “yes” answer. Then ask it to show you a “no” answer. If the responses are not very clear then this may not be the pendulum for you. Remember not all pendulums answer the same way.


How to use a Pendulum

It’s important to cleanse your pendulum “before” using it. It’s also a good idea to get in the habit of cleansing it often as most materials used for pendulums will pick up energy as they are used. How you cleanse your pendulum will depend on what it’ made of. Usually being held under running water works the best, but not all stones should get wet, (such as dessert rose). If your pendulum should not get wet you can also cleanse it by placing it in a bowl of salt over night, or leave it out under the full moon.

Pendulums swing in straight lines or in a circular motion either clockwise or counter clockwise. The lines can be north-south, east-west, or diagonal. As stated above, it’s a good idea to ask your pendulum to show you a “yes” and “no” answer before starting.

Also before you begin it is important to say a small prayer asking for guidance, and the highest good of all involved. Then it’s as simple as holding your pendulum out from your first two fingers and asking your questions. It’s important to try and hold your hand as still as you can, so you do not interfere with the answers.


Generally questions asked when using a pendulum, should be “yes/no” questions or ones with a “this/that” answer such as , “Will my sister have a boy or girl baby”


Before asking the question, say your short prayer and set your intent in you mind, then ask either out loud or in your mind. The pendulum should indicate the answer fairly quickly. If the answer is not clear, you can ask again, and indicate to make the answer more clear. If the answer still is not clear, then the pendulum is just not prepared to answer at that time, or the answer is not definite at this moment.

So at this point you may be asking, what is the point of only being able to ask “yes/no” questions. A pendulum is actually capable of answering much more. But, to do this you need to create a pendulum board. This is a board that can be made from cloth, cardboard, wood, paper, etc. It generally has a large circle with dividing lines, each line indicates a possible answer. This can be set up with letters and numbers much like a ouija board, but in a circle.

To use a pendulum board you will need to actually “teach” your pendulum where the answers are on the board. This is done by holding the pendulum over the centre of the board and swinging it gently in the direction of each answer and saying that answer out loud. You will need to do this 2 or three times. Once this is done you can test the pendulum to make sure it understands and is working. Below is an example of a very detailed pendulum board. Yours does not need to have this much on it, but it does give you an example of what can be done.


You can also use a pendulum for finding things. For example, if you have lost an item in your house, stand in the middle of the room you think it’s in, and ask the pendulum to show you where it is. The pendulum will then point you in the right direction.

If you aren’t sure which room, then create a pendulum board using a sheet of white paper, with each room in your house being at different directions. The use the pendulum over the board.

Always make sure to cleanse your pendulum after use.

Pendulums and Healing

Pendulums can also be used in different healing modalities. Today we will talk specifically about Chakra healing. Your chakras are different power points, or points of energy in your body. There are seven main ones that go up the core of your body, these are the Root, Sacral, Solar, Hearth, Throat, Third eye and Crown. Pendulums can be used to cleanse, balance and energize the chakras.

When using a pendulum to do chakra work you would first determine the condition each chakra is in first. This will tell you if it is spinning in the correct direction, if there are blockages and so forth. Start by holding the pendulum a few inches above the chakra center (usually starting with the root chakra). The pendulum should begin to move in a circular motion. If the pendulum does not move, it could indicate a blockage in that chakra. As you move the pendulum over each chakra, spend some time there and take note of direction and size of the swing of the pendulum. Notice if the pendulum swings closer or further out on some sides, as this could also indicate a blockage.

After you determine the condition of the chakras, you can then use the pendulum to help balance and energize them. Start by using a prayer asking the body to heal itself, with the intention of the person’s highest and best good. Then hold the pendulum over the individual chakra and ask it to come into harmony with a more balanced movement. Once this is done for each chakra, you should hold the pendulum over each of them again, and notice any change in the movement of the pendulum. This will help to indicate the healing and balancing progress of the person. This type of chakra work can be done as often as daily until the chakras are in balance.

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